Welcome to Sunday School at Hickory United E.P.C. Please  take time and read the following information about the classes we provide or news about classes to come. Some information may vary about times and age groups (depending on the time of year). Feel free to contact the Church office should you need any more information.

Sunday School

  • Pre-K child care is available.

Elementary Grades 

  • K-6 - Classes for each grade is available with an opening time in the sanctuary before lesson.

JR. / SR. High

  • Classes available for both age groups 7 and 8 grade for JR. High and 9-12 grade for SR. High

(while 6th grade is old enough for youth group meetings and events they have their own Sunday School class)


  • There are long running men's and women's Bible studies each Sunday that follow a yearly curriculum
  • There is also  another adult class for both men and women. Class focuses on different topics per year.
  • There is also the occasional misc. or specialized class from time to time typically on a book or video series. Well advertised in advance and run only a short while.


Adult Classes
  • Going Deeper with God (3rd Flr Room)
  • "Blessed" - Beatitudes in the Old Testament & New Testament (Library)
  • Inductive Bible Study of the Gospel of Mark (Covenant Center)
Women's Classes
  • "Chasing God" - Mom's with young children (downstairs room)
  • "Worthwhile Daughters"  (Parlor)
Kid's classes
  • young kids thru 4th grade
  • 5th & 6th grade
  • 7th & 8th grade
  • 9-12 grade