Hickory United Presbyterian Church like many churches runs on a system of committees working in concert with one another but with different specific focuses. What you see listed here is a list of our committees and their functions. Our hope is you would not just find greater understanding of our church but also see an opportunity where you can see yourself serving. Each committee has members but have three serving Elders that report back to the session (the churches governing body) on a monthly basis (which is also the same time each committee meets). Each committee is always open to committed volunteers looking to serve.
Christian Education Committee
This committee chooses Sunday School curriculum for children, youth, and adults. We find Sunday ... view details

Christian Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee is responsible for activities that promote Evangelism and Fellowship ... view details

Worship Committee
This committee coordinates the planning of worship services with the pastor and music ... view details

Stewardship Committee
On the Stewardship Committee we oversee the receipt and expenditures of church money. We also ... view details

Building & Property Committee
This committee works to maintain the church building, manse and grounds. We make needed ... view details

We work to meet the needs of the needy families and individuals in our community. We start by ... view details